At an end

The time has come, to tie it all together, wrap it up and finish off. Last week was our last ‘formal’ art session and we finished off by having a quick look at surrealism. We watched a short video about surrealist art and a discussion on times when we have thought about something that was […]

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Seeing the achievements

Well the days have been rainy and dreary and with participants ill or on holiday , the last few sessions have seemed…lacking. So, deciding that we needed a boost, I put the paint brushes away on got the sticky back Velcro out. Oh yes, Velcro, the installation essential! With our exhibition fast approaching (9th-21st November […]

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Real Art, Art Trail

Last week we left the art space, thanks to Health For All for the transport, and headed to Armley Library to see our exhibition space. It’s not long now (9th November) and the group’s nerves are kicking in, so we decided that a visual tour of the space and time away from the studio was best […]

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Fitting in

Last session we explored the topic of ‘fitting in’ or feeling like the like the odd one out. We talked about school, for those of us remember it, and how people’s acceptance of us differs outside of the education system. We focused in on those who have stories about schools that were ‘different’ and especially those […]

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5 good things

Lots of positive things have been happening in the past few weeks. 1st Good Thing We’ve secured some space at Armley Library, it’s not a huge space but the library itself is beautiful. I’ll be taking the volunteers along in the next few weeks to check it out. We will have space to introduce the […]

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This week as seen us tread the delicate balance between giving artistic freedom and keeping focused on the study at hand. We’ve been continuing our study of texture this week, see previous posts. I asked the volunteers to study grains with the use of watercolours and ink. This was the first result: Not quite as […]

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