This week as seen us tread the delicate balance between giving artistic freedom and keeping focused on the study at hand.

We’ve been continuing our study of texture this week, see previous posts. I asked the volunteers to study grains with the use of watercolours and ink.

This was the first result:


Not quite as I expected but they quickly grasped the delicacy of water colour shades…

This was Peter’s work:


Peter has been having some trouble with his hearing aid yet he has an amazing talent of walking into the group and getting the jist with out hearing a work 🙂


Meanwhile we’re still looking for suitable space to exhibit the volunteer’s work but there’s conditions: it must be in Armley, for 2 weeks and in November.

With it in mind that not all the work is going to plan and that space maybe an issue, I’ve also started an art jounal. It will be a way to document the individual’s progress and a way to keep work that won’t make it to the exhibition, plus who doesn’t love scrapbooking 🙂




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