5 good things

Lots of positive things have been happening in the past few weeks.

1st Good Thing

We’ve secured some space at Armley Library, it’s not a huge space but the library itself is beautiful. I’ll be taking the volunteers along in the next few weeks to check it out. We will have space to introduce the project and the volunteers and for the first part of our exhibition. (We are in desperately in need of some free standing, felt, display boards- if anyone has any we buy or borrow) Due to the lack of space the second part of our exhibition will be at our Armley shop with an art trail in between. though we’ve still lots to decide.

2nd Awesome Thing

Roy’s back! Roy has accidently been going to the shop instead of the warehouse (I’m hoping it’s been accidental :(! ) but thank goodness he’s back because he’s our superstar- look at him in action

DSCN0140 DSCN0145 DSCN0146

Stunning result today in our art class with @AutenticoPaint art medium http://t.co/i55WqDCAIK #artblog pic.twitter.com/JzbNmbzRb7

— Slate Leeds (@SlateLeeds) August 20, 2015


Tools used:
Autentico Chalk Paint in Antique White from FGT

80 grit sand paper

Door knobs from our ownstock

Autentico’s Art Medium from A Shade Braver

The Art Medium will transfer ink onto our table. We are using photos that Eddie took at Northern College

Well done Roy- see the finished piece in our exhibition

3rd Relief

After a few weeks of poor Daniel covered in glue, not his fault, we had a glue-card issue, he has finally managed to get the ‘texture’ art work to stick. Hurray! It embarrassingly took the button box, sewing box,pin box and two oil boxes to hold in in place whilst the glue dried! Well done Daniel!! 🙂

DSCN0139 (2)

4th Thankful Thing

Jonathan is back from his holiday and is back on form 🙂

DSCN0144 DSCN0141

Here he is creating a landfill collage of all the objects SLATE saves from landfill.

5th Fab Thing

Dwight sharpened all our pencils! My granddad always told me that the sharpest tool in the box in the pencil; it’s necessary for accuracy. Well Dwight turned out to be a pencil sharpening wizard and then put them to good use to help Jonathan with the landfill collage.

But out of everything the biggest development this week was to see all the volunteers working on their own projects with minimal help. This is our ‘big’ goal and we work towards it every week.

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