Fitting in

Last session we explored the topic of ‘fitting in’ or feeling like the like the odd one out.

We talked about school, for those of us remember it, and how people’s acceptance of us differs outside of the education system. We focused in on those who have stories about schools that were ‘different’ and especially those which had separate ‘units’ with in a mainstream school

From this we created tessellation pictures from our own furniture templates. The group looked at how the furniture fits together to create a pattern, there was one rule, to make one of their pieces the ‘odd one out’.

DSCN0206 DSCN0200

DSCN0201 DSCN0204 DSCN0205

I then used the pictures as a visual way to ask about complex self-perspective, “are you a red chair or a purple chair?” Answers were probably not what you expect but I’m going to save the answers for our exhibition Exhibition details on facebook

So…are you a red chair or purple chair?

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