Real Art, Art Trail

Last week we left the art space, thanks to Health For All for the transport, and headed to Armley Library to see our exhibition space. It’s not long now (9th November) and the group’s nerves are kicking in, so we decided that a visual tour of the space and time away from the studio was best for all.

After a peaceful bite to eat at Armley Junk-tion, the Pay as you Feel café, we braved the heavy showers to create a photography art trail between the library and our Feel Good Furniture Shop, as a way of linking the two exhibition spaces.

12039533_576296235844039_3986508735333185866_n(Some of the group settling in at Armley Junk-tion)

Our plan is to create a photobook/brochure of perspective beauty on the Armley trail and to encourage people to add their own photos via the blog. The topic is “rust, flakes and splinters”; seeing beauty in the worn, decayed and defaced. These are a few of the unedited photos taken by various group participants.

DSCN0325  DSCN0278


All the info about our exhibition is on our facebook event here

We would also like to thank you for your continuing support 🙂


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