Seeing the achievements

Well the days have been rainy and dreary and with participants ill or on holiday , the last few sessions have seemed…lacking. So, deciding that we needed a boost, I put the paint brushes away on got the sticky back Velcro out. Oh yes, Velcro, the installation essential!

With our exhibition fast approaching (9th-21st November see our facebook event for details) I decided that, for the good of the group’s morale and for time’s sake, we were best to start thinking about how to display the work for ‘Recycled Life, New Life’.

With many hands and a hammer we managed to “bodge”up an exhibition stand to display the work which will start of the exhibition in Armley Library. After the participants got the hang of sticky back Velcro, we we’re away with cutting, sticking mounting and displaying. Janet (our only female volunteer) said “I hope people are really proud of us” and I’m sure they will be! It was such a positive feeling to see all the work coming together.

DSCN0342DSCN0340 DSCN0341

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