At an end

The time has come, to tie it all together, wrap it up and finish off. Last week was our last ‘formal’ art session and we finished off by having a quick look at surrealism. We watched a short video about surrealist art and a discussion on times when we have thought about something that was beyond reality. Jonathan described how he thinks in numbers and we discussed how this was similar to machines, clocks and computers.

I then asked the group to look round the SLATE warehouse for inspiration and to create a surrealist piece using one or more household object. I also said they could use any of the mediums/techniques we’d learnt about through the project.


This was the point when the progress in our journey illuminated! If I’d asked the group a few months ago to get up, find inspiration and then to do something with it, they would have looked at me…well actually they would have told me no. But today when I hesitantly asked “Do you want any help with your ideas” I basically got told to go away, “I have an idea and I’m not showing you until I’m done” we’re Eddie’s precise words!

Along with two acrylic painting, I was also amazed to see surrealist photography and a graphite mechanical bird created by different textures around the warehouse. Not only were the participants focused with their ideas but there was also a confidence in using the material and there’s been a huge improvement in the execution of their ideas. We even joked how pro-active Eddie was compared to June and July which he spent either in the kitchen or getting up every time I waved a pencil at him! 🙂


We mounted the results ready for me to pop them up on the exhibition in the coming weeks. I’ve given the group next week off as some of them haven’t had a week off since May! This will give me time to display their work before the exhibition at Armley library on the 9th Nov-21st

So with a handshake from Jonathan, it really did seem like the end.

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