Textures and group work

Just to prove that I’m not the one sneakily doing the art work – here is Roy showing off the group’s work ūüėÄ Today we finished our work on textures see (previous 2 posts) taking close consideration to weathered colours, oxidisation and rust. I then asked the group to do something hard (for some of […]

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After a very messy session, and I mean messy, we’ve made a leap forward with our study of rust and¬†paint flakes. See the previous post. We’ve a¬†¬†question for you: What do you see when you see gloss paint flaking off playground equipment, rust on railings, oxidised copper on roofing, splintered wood on garden gates and […]

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Rust, flakes and wormholes

Today we‚Äôve been exploring textures, grains, paint flakes and rust, not because we‚Äôre a furniture shop that recycles old stuff, rather for the simple reason that whoever we are, whatever out disability, whether we wear glasses, a hearing aid or use a wheel chair, we all have one thing in common, (well apart from¬†in very […]

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Door Issues

Today at¬†SLATE we have¬†been working on¬†the¬†relationships we have with a door; privacy, anger, keeping people in and out and opening the door. We smashed and battered the¬† door¬† with the hammer every one thought about what had made them angry, everyone had something that had made them angry this week!¬† We took inspiration from my […]

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Back to Basics

Before I begin every art session I ask the delegates how they’re feeling by drawing an emoticon ūüôā Today there was a general consensus, though unlinked, a shared feeling of stress, tiredness and hunger- though it was only 10.30 none of us seemed to have had breakfast. I do not pretend to be a role […]

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